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A few friendly
tips and reminders regarding your aftercare:

A few friendly
tips and reminders regarding your aftercare:

We have applied Skin Laundry’s Mineral Defense Sunscreen with SPF 30 on your skin. We recommend reapplying sun protection (30+) every 2 hours at minimum, especially if you are going to be outside.

If you apply makeup or plan to exercise today, please thoroughly cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, sweat, makeup, or bacteria.

Topical products (vitamin C, retinol, etc.) are okay to apply, but we do recommend waiting a day to reduce chance of dryness, especially if your skin is still adjusting to your product.

To prevent possible reactions and achieve maximum results, please avoid the following:

Direct sun exposure.

Manual exfoliation this evening. If you use a Clarisonic brush or other scrubber, please wait until tomorrow.

Touching or picking at your skin.

Harsh chemicals such as any prescribed topical medications.

Any new or unfamiliar products.

With this treatment we have created micro-channels in your skin. Your skin is now able to absorb about 90% more product than usual. To enhance your results, we have applied one of our medical grade serums onto your skin which will fit directly into the micro-channels that were created. We recommend reapplying the medical grade serum every hour for the next six hours to maximize results and efficacy. The treatment area may also feel hot for a few hours and appear red for a few days post treatment, that is expected due to the thermal energy applied to the skin.

The below outlines post treatment recommendations to help maximize results and provide optimal treatment outcomes:

Avoid the following:

Direct sun exposure and/or self tanning for 1 week post treatment.

Any new or unfamiliar products and harsh chemicals, such as, prescribed topical medications. It is best to use gentle skin care products for the next week as the skin repairs itself to combat any sensitivities/irritations.

Wearing makeup until 48 hours post treatment.

Wearing SPF until 24 hours post treatment.

We will not be applying any SPF onto the skin as we want the medical grade serums to have its efficacy and want to avoid clogging the skin. In the meantime, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure.

Manual exfoliation this evening. If you use a Clarisonic brush or other scrubber, please wait 24 hours post treatment.

Touching or picking at your skin.

Working out, especially swimming and/or any other activity causing excessive sweating until 24 hours post treatment. It is important to keep your skin clean, hydrated, and unclogged as long as possible post treatment.

Exposure to heat, such as sauna, hot shower until 24 hours post treatment.

We also highly recommend our clients to follow the below recommendations to maintain optimal treatment outcomes:

If the treatment area is sensitive apply an emollient cream, such as Aquaphor, to help soothe the skin as soon as 6 hours after treatment. A thin layer of Aquaphor can be applied if/when microcrusting appears or if the skin feels tight If microcrusting appears we recommend avoiding the sun and makeup until skin is back at baseline

Get the most of our your facial by following our skin pro tips.

All of our treatments help the skin in absorbing more product so this is a great time to apply one of our hydrating sheet masks to really nourish and hydrate the skin. The mask can provide 24 hours worth of hydration! You can also put the sheet mask in the fridge. The cooling sensation will feel great on your skin!

Your skin has just been freshly laundered, so tonight is a perfect time to put clean pillowcases on your pillows and wash your makeup brushes, this will help to avoid spreading bacteria onto your clean skin.

Wipe your cell phone clean with anti-bacterial wipes.

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